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I look forward to seeing you inside the Command & Control program and sharing some new secrets, information, and techniques that will completely change your sex life, and completely blow your partner's mind... whether you suffer from premature ejaculation, just want to last longer with more control, or you are looking to enhance your sexlife with multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms.

In the meantime, check out the free video below...

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I am really glad about the huge number of men who have signed up for the CC newsletter and downloaded the Strategy Guide.

I kept the original launch of this program intentionally small to test the program out... and the results were just overwhelming... virtually every guy among the first 100 has had complete success in mastering the principals of controlling ejaculation, and their own bodies.

It is one of the most gratifying accomplishments of my life to know that this thing I put together works so well...

I want everyone who thinks they can benefit from this to GET IN ON IT.

Naturally I hope I also make some good money on this course, but you&d be surprised how much less important that is to me than that I get to spread "good karma". Because I know how frustrating this situation can be if you have challenges with lasting long enough and I know how much better relationships can become if you learn these techniques (even if you never had any challenges but just want to learn how to have non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms).

It is IMPORTANT that you know: The techniques in the video and the free Strategy Guide are BUILDING BLOCKS for the first lesson in the program. In other words, even if you are planning to purchase the full program, you should be working with these techniques... figuring out what does and doesn&t work for you... figuring out why.... learning your body's response to them.

These are the EASY techniques. The more POWERFUL ones are in the program, but some experience with these is going to go a long way to getting the most out of the more advanced system.

By the way... you should have already received the Strategy Guide in your email... if for some reason you have NOT received it yet, you can download it by right-clicking here: Learn To Last Longer In Bed

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