“Have More Orgasms In One Night
Than You Ever Imagined...”

The Command And Control System For "Ejaculation Domination" Is A Step-By-Step, Easy To Follow eCourse Designed To Take Any Man (Even Guys Who Have Problems With Premature Ejaculation) And Teach You How To Experience Male Multiple Orgasm -- Complete Mastery Over Your Ejaculation... FAR More Intense Orgasms... And How You Can Have 2, 3, 4, Or even 10 or MORE Orgasms In A Single Evening...

If you wish you could last longer during intense, passionate sex...

    Do you wish you could last long enough to literally make her beg for mercy because she feels like if you give her even... one... more... orgasm, she'll be so hoarse from screaming that she won't even be able to talk the next day?...

     Have you been frustrated and humiliated that you can't seem to control this function of YOUR OWN body... literally to the point where instead of looking forward to making love... you sometimes dread it?

    Or, worse yet, are you in a relationship with a woman who is so frustrated that you can't last long enough to bring her to orgasm that SHE'S starting to dread making love?

    And what would it be worth to you if you could just know that you have the time to really enjoy the love making? To soak in the pleasure of touching her? To have intercourse with her, across a long night of passion and pleasure?... And to be able to look into her eyes as you give her orgasms, and enjoy it WITH her instead of worrying about your own ejaculation?

    I mean... that's really the whole point of why I am writing to you right now... because this is IMPORTANT.

   What is the point of all of the anticipation and the seduction and the trust building... of finding that woman who you are attracted to and who you really feel a connection with... and then finally getting to that special time when you can be in bed and share your bodies with each other... and have it end before you really get to enjoy it?

  The Secret Of Male Multiple Orgasm... Without Having To Take A break In Between To “Recharge”

     If you're anything like me, you want to be able to fully enjoy and experience love-making with your partner... without having to even THINK about how you can last longer, and without being more focused on some ejaculation control "technique" than you are on her body and your enjoyment of her body.

    Even better: You want to be able to expand the intensity and the number of orgasms that YOU can have during the night, so that she gets to share that experience with you too. Because just like you love being able to bring her to orgasm, nothing will turn HER on more than seeing you have multiple orgasms

     And now I'm finally ready to break my silence and "reveal the system" on how you can control your ejaculation, literally at will...

     How you--as a man--can have orgasm after orgasm... without ever losing your erection... and, yes, even if you are over 25 (or even over 65).

     I have been selling my book "Revolutionary Sex" for years over the Internet without revealing this secret because, frankly...

    I wasn't sure how to explain it...

    I wasn't sure I could teach it...

    I wasn't sure I could guarantee YOUR results...

    So when I first offered this program, I limited enrollment to only the first 100 people who signed up and hoped that I wouldn't end up eating a bunch of refunds.


I can hardly describe to you the feeling of victory when the emails started pouring in saying things like this:

    Command and Control is by far the best, most comprehensive, and helpful system that I have been able to find to control my ejaculations. Coming after a few minutes (sometimes seconds) has been a major defeat for me, and it destroys my confidence with women. I've deliberately avoided sex with some really hot women because I knew I would come right away and was too ashamed to be a two pump chump. Over the years I have tried everything. I've even paid THOUSANDS of dollars to go to some very expensive seminars on sex. I've read Way of the Superior Man, The Multi Orgasmic Man, and some of the lesser known books on ejaculation. Time and time again I met with the same frustration it was all theory and nothing that will improve my stamina and enjoyment.

    Finally a I found Revolutionary Sex, and Command and Control and at the risk of sounding corny it was revolutionary. [You] totally get it. You know what its like and more importantly you spelled everything out into step by step directions and practices that I can follow each week. And each week I have seen serious improvements in my control over my body. I am not even done with the program yet and it has changed my life and I know that I am on the way to total command in the bedroom.

    Thank you Alex

     Virtually every man that went through this program the first time had incredible success with my system. The number of refund requests out of 100... was... exactly... zero.

    For an Internet product that is unheard of. And this is, frankly, one of the most gratifying things I have ever done in my life.

    And now it's YOUR turn.

WOW!!! your work is amazing and helped me so much, i couldnt put in words how much i appreciate what you are doing thank you!

      - Neil

my wife has been amazed that after 28 years of marriage I can still blow her mind! It is really cool that I can still pull new tricks out of my hat after all these years. It just keeps getting better!

      - Christopher M., PA

Sexuality is something that has always been an intensely enjoyable part of my life. I didn't think it could get any better ... but I was wrong. The insights of Alex have been tremendously valuable. They have added an entirely new perspective that I did not think possible. My wife of 30 years is the love of my life and it thrills me no end to be able to bring her to a new level of pleasure. It is amazing how as she rides the crest of this pleasure wave, I cannot help but ride with her too. Life is great and perhaps the sweetest part of all is riding those waves together.

      - Don, San Francisco, CA

all my sexual success is because of you, and its awsome to give this experience to women

      - Taylor, Toronto

Learning To Delay Ejaculation
During Sex Is Not A Matter Of
“Techniques” Or “Pressure Points”

     There are hundreds of books and articles talking about the techniques that work the best to delay ejaculation for men. 

     I've read nearly all of them... and some of them can be quite useful...

     But they all have problems that make them less than ideal... either by breaking intimacy with her, or by making sex less intense and exciting for you... or by just being too frustrating to work with.

      And if you have real problems with premature ejaculation then you've probably had the experience of trying a lot of these techniques (even some of the techniques that I talk about in my book) that just wouldn't work for you.

     Sure, they'd work if you went really slowly and she just lays there without making too much noise.  But as soon as you start picking up the pace or she gets close to orgasm...

     Well, that's a different story.

     But what good is a technique if it you can't use it to completely satisfy both you and HER?

     Fortunately, I have "cracked the code" to this problem so that you won't have to rely on any of these "standard" techniques anymore...

If You Are Waiting For Medical Science
To Come Up With The Ultimate Pill
For Sexual Satisfaction... Well...
Good Luck With That

     The fact is, medical science is not particularly interested in your  sex life unless something is physically wrong.

      Viagra wasn't invented by Pfizer to give 20 year old boys more confidence on a first date (even though legions of 20-somethings are psychologically addicted to it because of this abuse) ... They designed it for older men who have trouble maintaining an erection due to their depleted hormone levels and degraded cardiovascular condition.

     And the pills they've come up with for premature ejaculation... well, judging from the number of guys who have written to me that they have tried the pills and "they don't work," I'd say the results are less than impressive.

      And, in fact, the FDA has not approved any of them because, first of all, in clinical trials only a small percentage of men were able to last only a few seconds or minutes longer than they were before...

      And because those few seconds, in the FDA's estimation, are not worth the long laundry-list of harsh side effects.

      For seriously incredible sex... for deepening intimacy, creating more sexual trust, enhancing female pleasure... and for making your orgasms more powerful and learning to have male multiple orgasms.... you can forget those pills.

     There's really no serious research being done on that kind of thing.  And I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it. 

     The fact is, men have trained themselves to experience powerful non-ejaculatory orgasms for thousands of years, and medicine has yet to take a serious look at what these men have been experiencing and why.

My girl and I have been together for eight years now, and I can say that our sex life has been A LOT better since I started using these tips. Thanks Alex!

      - Kirk, California

Alex, I honestly feel that your newsletters, and materials that I have purchased from you, contain the VERY best information on having a GREAT sex life that can be found ANYwhere.. Awesome stuff man!!! You're MY 'Sexologist' for life my Friend!!!

      - Dennis, California


      - Frank, VA

I can say that while what I read, from a scientific point of view, was not so new, the way your book and newsletters synthesize information and put it in practical, USABLE form is really great. You help us have a positive attitude, be realistic, live in the present with our women, focus on that NOW... so much, really. My sex life has been turned around.... But the impact on my life in bed with my wife is such that I've NEVER been better. I last 30 minutes. Even SHE needs a break and she's much younger than I am.

      - Eric, Washington

Thanks to Alex ive been able to be more confident around my girlfriend which is completly new as ive always been shy, and its really made a difference, i can last longer in bed and make her happier.

      - Ian, Colorado

 The Real Secret(s) To Total
Ejaculation Control... REVEALED

    So can a man REALLY learn to have an orgasm without ejaculating? 

     The sexual practices of ancient Chinese Taoism talk about NEVER ejaculating at all...

     But unlike the Catholic Church, which completely agrees with the Taoists on the point of never ejaculating except for procreation... the Taoists were not abstaining from sex... or sexual pleasure.

     In India, the land of the Kama Sutra, the practitioners of sexual Tantra were discovering similar techniques that allowed them to experience multiple orgasms as well.

     Yet Western research has largely ignored these techniques because most of them are grounded in spiritual traditions that don't make any sense to scientists.

     So, if scientists don't take it seriously... is it real?

     Well, I had read quite a few mainstream books on both Tantra and Sexual Taoism, and I spent a lot of time trying to "circulate energy" (and chi and prana) through my "chakras", and all I found by following these techniques was that I was taking myself "out of the moment" with my lover.  

     All that focus on technique was just KILLING the passion.  It was making it boring. And it's frankly a little weird to start doing all of these techniques in the middle of hot sex and expect your partner not go, "what the heck are you doing?"

     Talk about a buzz-kill...

     And while I was enjoying the experience of getting closer and closer to the edge without ejaculating... which is very pleasurable... I wasn't having anything that felt like a true orgasm without ejaculating at the same time.

      Still, parts of these systems were definitely working.  And even though I felt a bit "cheated" that I wasn't having real orgasms without ejaculating, there are parts of these practices that were enjoyable and that I hung onto and started integrating into my regular sex life.

     Then something interesting happened...

     I started taking yoga to  help me deal with the stiffness and back pain from a series of old martial arts and wrestling injuries.  

     As I got deeper into my yoga practice I also started doing yoga breathing exercises called pranayama. 

     I also began a very intense, emotional, and loving relationship at that time... and something began to click...

     I began to have experiences that I just couldn't explain...

     And then I realized some very profound truths... the folks that write the books on Tantric and  Taoist sexual practices leave a lot of the important steps out!

      Now, in fairness, I don't think they are trying to keep people from understanding their secrets.  I just think that because they are coming from a larger spiritual practice that invovles a LOT more than just sex... that they use a lot of metaphorical language (probably the same kind of language their teachers used, and their teachers before them) that makes sense to them, but that most of us miss in the translation...

      ...So the important stuff gets lost in all of the flowery ideas and language. 

      But the results CAN be real, and, as it turns out, you don't have to be either a Hindu or a Taoist... or study in a temple for 20 years and become a kung fu or yoga master to get these results.

      I am now absolutely convinced that I can teach ANY man to last as long as he and his partner can stand the pleasure... and that ANY man can learn to have mind-splitting, vocal chord straining orgasms... over and over again, without losing his erection.

Your ebook has literally changed my life!

       - Bradley, U.K.

Your newsletters alone brought our relationship in a whole new level and i have you to thank for that!..,our relationship was pretty solid before i got your newsletters cause we already had the trust and open minded communication sexually but i feel that there was still something wrong, she was like a starfish,and i know she was not totally satisfied even though she said she was... i know that i was doing something wrong so because i love her very much and i want to satisfy her, i surfed the net..i came across lots of articles, but your presentation on youtube really caught my attention so i visited your site and i gained a lot! PAYING ATTENTION REALLY WORKS! my partner was really conservative...back then i was always the one to initiate the first move,she was not agressive and she really did not like the idea of me going down,she'd cover my eyes if i went down and she never permitted me to use the back door, plus she did not like lights on...but after studying several of your newsletters and applying it my whole world changed, both of us now are very satisfied..i am more satisfied cause now it is her that initiates the first move,she is now agressive,she is always asking me to go down and she's not covering my eyes anymore, and i even got her to go down and she enjoyed it..she is now open for the idea of me using the back door and she now likes the lights on..even she was shocked at the way she's been acting,she told me that she was not aware that she had this other side of herself...back then we only lasted for aproximately 30 mins but now we can go for hours...our relationship strengthened and we have you, alex, to thank for that!...I'm very happy cause i know that i made her a lot happier and i made our relationship a lot stonger.

      - P. in H.K.

I have been looking for a long time to find good advice and information about how to have an exciting sex life, and in only a few short videos that Alexander's posted and Youtube I've found more useful advice than in all my searching over months. I have recently subscribed to his news letter which is packed with great information. Thanks for putting in the time to help us out Alex.

      - Brock, London

This man is all mens guide to a better sexual-life.

      - Olav, Norway

 Why You Might Want To
Stop Reading Right Now

     I'm going to be honest with you here... this course is not for everyone.

     I have had guys write to me one day after reading one of my free give-away techniques like the triangular breathing and say: "It doesn't work."

      For what it's worth, some guys actually did find it effective after only one day... but that was surprising even to me!  The fact is, most of these techniques actually take some practice.

     This is not a "magic bullet" or a "miracle pill".  

     Command & Control is a system for gaining total control over your ejaculation.   

     And I realized early on that just writing it all down in a book simply wouldn't work for most guys.  It would be like learning to play basketball just by reading a book.

     Instead, what I've done is created a logically laid out eCourse that follows a lesson-like structure... building from the basic foundational exercises and adding each piece across 3 weeks.

     At the end of those three weeks, if you follow the program, your results will be staggering. 

     And I make that statement with the full PROOF of knowing that it has worked for virtually everyone who went through the pilot program. 

     Seriously, it's hard to even believe how incredible sex can become for you when you get this sytem down.

     On the other hand, if you were hoping that I'd just say, "push the pressure point in your groin between your scrotum and your anus and that's that..." (which is an okay technique, by the way, but I don't recommend it in my program because the doctors and urologists that I spoke to while researching for this program said that many men have injured themselves from pushing too hard and ended up in their offices with serious problems)

     So... sorry, it's going to take some more work from you than that.

     The main thing is... this system is simple and it is learnable and it is do-able by you or by any other guy. 

     But it is not "instantaneous".  

     If that's what you were hoping for, you might want to stop reading now and go to "scam-penis-pill.com" and try your luck there.

Why My “Command & Control:
Ejaculation Domination System”
Will Work For You

     The fact is, the simple "techniques"  and "exercises" alone won't work for MOST men.  There's just a lot more too it than that.

     It's actually much more about what happens in your BRAIN than in your BODY that makes this system so powerful.

      Surprisingly, most men are held back from achieving total ejaculation control because of their limiting beliefs... not because they have some physical limitation with not being able to maintain control when they are too sexually excited.

     It's like the old story about running the 4 minute mile.  For years and years everyone thought is was impossible... and so nobody could  do it...

     Then Roger Bannister came along in 1954 and beat it.... And What happened?   In the next couple of years it became so common to run a 4 minute mile that now it's the basic standard for even amateur athletes.

      It's amazing how much what you believe you can do, limits what you can actually do.

     That's why this is such an important component of the Command & Control System

      On the other hand... just believing that you can bend a steel bar isn't going to do you much good no matter how hard you keep believing it...

     Unless, of course, you have the right tools to bend it with.  Give me an acetylene torch a vice and a long enough wrench, and I'll have no problems at all...

      And that's why I'm going to give you BOTH the psychological tools AND the physical-technique tools to ensure your success.

What Does An Incredible Sex Life
Look Like To You?

     Okay, I get it... I know that sex isn't as important to everyone as it is me. I didn't write a book about it because I had no interest in the subject, obviously!

     But it does seem to me that most men really crave an exciting and wild sex life... that most men want to be able to, at least occassionally, have the kind of all-night... um... "fuck-fest" that leaves them exhausted from adrenaline, spent lust, and dehydration... and that most men want to be able to share that kind of thing with their lover.

    Most men want to be able to just wear her out...

    Make her beg for mercy...

    Make her brag to her friends the next day that you nearly killed her with pleasure...

    Make her too sore to sit down on a wooden chair...

    Make her lose her voice for 2 days from screaming so much the night before...

    So, for me, this kind of thing would be worth a lot... but look if you want to break it down into dollars and cents...

    If you currently have persistent problems with premature ejaculation and you added up visits to your doctor or urologist ($350/hour)... possibly seeing a psychologist or hypno-therapist $200/hour)...  and if you got really smart and went to a somatic sexologist ($250/hour... not to mention that it is a profession that is currently only legal in TWO states in America)...

     Well, I don't know how much all of that would cost, but  I'm sure you could easily drop a grand or more... and you still might not even get what you needed.

     And I don't want to be funny here... but if you are consistently disappointing your wife because you can't last long enough to do anything but frustrate the heck out of her... you might end up looking at the bills for a divorce attorney...    And sure, that might be a funny way to look at the value... or not so funny at all... because let's face facts:  It's not really that far-fetched an idea... And I'm sure it would be CONSERVATIVE to say that it would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars...

     And to be perfectly real, there is NOTHING FUNNY about having a woman leave you because she is frustrated with you sexually...

I have seen it happen over and over again.  I have had MANY female friends confide in me that they've broken up with a boyfriend or even their husband because they weren't being sexually satisfied... 

     And when that happens it literally CRUSHES the guy's spirit.   It can take him YEARS to get his confidence back.  The money would be the LEAST important thing you'd be saving on this particular point.

    The fact is, I feel like I could put just about ANY price on this and still say, "it's absolutely worth every penny," and believe it. But this is not shameless B.S. to extract the most possible cash out of you...

    I made a promise and a commitment to keep this totally accessible and I did a lot of soul-searching, and had a lot of conversations with my friends, and I decided that regardless of how much content I have put into this program, I am going to HOLD THE LINE on the price and give it to you for lowest price that I can personally afford. (I wish I could work for months and months on something, give it away for free, and still pay my rent... but that's just not realistic)

    When I called my merchant account bank to tell them I was coming out with a new coaching product and told them the price, the bank rep asked, "That's per class, right?"  And I said "No.  That's for the entire four weeks of the eCourse program."

    So I KNOW that this course is worth ridiculously more than the price... but just to make sure YOU agree:

Guaranteed?  Of Course!

    It's important to me that you know that your satisfaction is guaranteed whenever you work with me.

    I've gotten a lot of very frustrated emails from a lot of guys on the subject of premature ejaculation, and I also know how painful it can be first hand.   I feel like it is my obligation to help couples rid themselves of any obsticals that stand between them and living a life of passionate sexual intimacy.

    So I thought for a while about what kind of guarantee I would offer...

    You'll be able to last x-number of hours or your money back?

    You're orgasms will be x-times more powerful?

    You'll be having non-ejaculatory orgasms in x-number of days?

    It'll be easy for you to succeed or I'll give you your money back?

    No.  Nothing really made sense because I'm not trying to only help you last longer in bed... I want you to have a new way of making love that is more powerful, more passionate, and more satisfying than you ever imagined before.

    So here it is... YOUR guarantee, YOUR way:

    The Command & Control Program will last 4 weeks... but I know that some men have incredibly busy lives... it's inevitable that some men won't keep up with the class and will have to go through the program more slowly... or even set the course materials aside to complete weeks later when they have the time...

    So at ANY time during the program, or for more than a full month AFTER THE PROGRAM IS OVER... and for ANY REASON... all you have to do is say the word (or just send me a quick, one-line email), and I will immediately refund your money to your card.   No questions asked.  (This is the same easy email address that you find on all of my newsletters and webpages: alex@revolutionarysex.com... there's none of that run-around where some companies try to make it complicated for you to ask for a refund... I hate that bullshit as much as you do).

     If this eCourse program doesn't change your relationship with your body, and if you don't have a completely NEW and different outlook on your sex life... then I don't want you to pay for it.

    My goal is to give you 10x more value than what you're paying for...

    But if the Command & Control Program does not deliver, for ANY reason, way beyond the purchase price... you just let me know for a FULL 2 MONTHS after purchase, and I'll give you an immediate refund.

    And just to make sure you understand that this is zero risk for you and entirely MY risk... even if you ask for the refund, you still get to KEEP the program.

     That's how confident I am in this material is going to be exactly what you are looking for.

     So you don't have to decide today... you've got 2 Months after the program starts to decide if it's right for you.   As you may have guessed, I designed it this way so that you would come to the conclusion, all by yourself, right about now that... really, what's there to lose? Why wouldn't you try it out?

Enroll Me In Command & Control Now!

 I'm Not Done...

Special Bonus...

     I spent a LOT of time preparing for this course, building the curriculum, making sure the information was the best it could be, planning the surprises, making videos, building the technology side and all the thousands of details that had to come together just to be sitting here writing you this letter now...

    But I happen to believe that the single MOST IMPORTANT factor to you succeeding is the "Inner Game" of the issue.

    The anxiety over how long you can last is almost always the biggest hurdle to overcome... and the biggest CAUSE of the problem in the first place.

    With that in mind, I decided to offer a special program within the program, to make sure you get results.

    So... I'm sweetening the deal with a very special bonus audio course with one of my best friends and MASTER motivational coach, and star of the television hitThree Food Giant, and author of the best-selling inspirational book Get Off Your "Buts", Sean Stephenson.

    If you've already heard of Sean, then you know what a special treat this is going to be.

    Sean is not only a Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist, Master NLP Trainer, Published Author, former Presidential Liason to the White House, and one of the most popular lecturers in the country... he's also a man who has overcome the most incredible adversity to LIVE and embody his dreams.

    Sean was born with "brittle bones disease," and had broken more than 200 bones before he turned 18.  Ever broken a bone? Know what that feels like? Sean knows a thing or two about pain.  Because of this constant trauma, injury, and pain, his body failed to grow.  He is only 2 and half feet tall, unable to walk, and travels through life in a wheel chair.

    But it has not slowed him down a bit.  He dates beautiful women, has a healthy sex life, and lives practically a rock-star lifestyle... 

     His specialty is in helping men "break through" their sexual insecurities so that they can be more successful in their dating life, relationship life, and sex life. 

     He is the most peronally inspiring man that I know and he is going to talk for an hour  about overcoming the mental and emotional obstacles and blocks that we men put in our lives, and how to overcome the bad programming and self-limiting beliefs that society and culture have stuck in our heads about sex... so you can finally have the sexual confidence that all women respond so powerfully to.

    He also concludes the program with special "purpose designed" NLP exercise to install powerful sub-conscious anchors to make the program more effective.

    This is a very special class, and Sean has appeared at events where they have charged more than $1000 per person for the privelege of hearing him speak.... And if you wanted to sign up for  a one-on-one "breakthrough session" with him it would cost you $5000 (yep, you counted those zeros right)...

     But because of our close friendship, he agreed to record this audio course on ejaculation control for us for FREE to the men who sign up for the "Command & Control: Ejaculation Domination" program.

 Here's What You Are Going To Learn
In The “Command & Control:
Ejaculation Domination” Program

     As soon as you complete your registration for the program, you will immediately be redirected to a welcome page where you will get full instructions for downloading the course materials for the first week. 

     Then, every week, you will receive an email with the instructions for downloading that week's material.

    It is ESSENTIAL to your success in the program that you go through the lessons in sequence, as you receive them, because each lesson builds on the one before it... But, of course, don't worry --  everything will be up on the download page, and you will have access to all of it online... or you can download it to your computer at your convenience, and go through at your own pace.

    Here Are Some Of The Things I Am Going To Cover During this Course...

  • How to CURE Premature Ejaculation... completely, forever, so you never have to even think about it again

  • How to stop yourself from ejaculating when you are "on the edge"... and do it without having to "stop the action" of your love-making (this one thing can literally save your relationship)

  •  How to have orgasm after orgasm... all night long if you want... without  ever losing your erection or having to rest in between

  • How to completely eliminate the tired and drained feeling you get after sex (especially useful for those day-time sessions when you have to get back to work)

  • Exercises to improve your staying power and make your erection harder and stronger than ever before

  • The best techniques that REALLY WORK from ancient practices like TANTRA, TAOIST Sex Practices, and sexual SHAMANISM

  • MORE techniques for lasting longer RIGHT NOW... while you are still learning the "Command & Control" system

  • Mastering your mind... how to have iron-clad sexual confidence... completely obliterate any doubts or sexual anxiety from your brain

  • How to "move sexual energy" through your body so that you can have mind-blowing FULL BODY ORGASMS that are more powerful than any orgasm you have ever felt before

  • How to move sexual energy into your partner's body... this is some really hard-to-believe stuff, but when you experience it for yourself you won't believe how hard you can make her come by using your own sexual energy

  • FOR YOUNGER GUYS:  How to balance your sexual energy so that you can remain powerful, passionate, and "present" with your girl without ejaculating too soon... and still be able to...

  • ...Ejaculate at will.  Be able to powerfully erupt inside of her at the exact moment that  you choose

  • FOR OLDER GUYS:  Restore the power and the penis-aching hardness of the erections that you used to have... kick your sex drive back into high gear and get rock-hard whenever she is ready for you

  • Extend your orgasms so that they last longer... MUCH longer.

  • Dramatically increase the volume and the power of your ejaculations when you do finally want to unleash them

  • The best sex positions for lasting longer, for driving HER wild, and for having multiple orgasms

  • Techniques to become a MUCH more passionate and engaged lover

  • Drive her WILD with the power of your orgasms... you know how exciting it is for you when your girl is going crazy from out-of-control orgasms?  Well it works the same way for her... she will be whipped into a frenzy from your sexual passion

  • Safe-guard your sexual health as you age... exercises to keep your prostate and sexual organs in top functioning condition... The Command & Control System actually improves your sexual health and vitality

  • Exercies, techniques, new breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, energetic techniques, massage techniques, and more...

  • Step-by-step training to separate your orgasm from the ejaculation reflex so that you can experience TRUE non-ejaculatory orgasms and not just "heightened arousal" like most other systems offer

  • NUTRITION:  The latest and most up-to-date information on the foods and supplements that boost your sexual power... and the ones that can diminish your power and that you should avoid

  • DRUGS:  The latest information and research on sexually enhancing drugs... from the ones that your doctor prescribes to rereational "street drugs", learn the low-down and get the facts so that you can separate truth from myth

  • The next level of "Somatic Feedback"... I invented the technique of Somatic Feedback for lasting longer in bed and wrote about it in my book... in the last 2 years I have taken this concept far beyond what I wrote about in Revolutionary Sex and combined it with energetic principles from Tantra... and the results will BLOW YOUR MIND (and hers!)

  • The biology of the non-ejaculatory orgasm... yes, there is science behind it, and if you are interested in why and how all this is possible, I will give detailed explanations of all of the physical processes that are currently understood by modern science

  • How to get her on your team:  This is a deceptively important piece of the puzzle... get your wife, girlfriend, or lover to get enthusiastically involved in helping you learn to master this system

  • Managing HER emotions:  Another BIG one... whether it is dealing with the emotional outpouring she may feel after such passionate love-making... or even dealing with her insecurities about you lasting so long (believe it or not, many women will feel less attractive because YOU no longer completely "lose control" when making love to her).  You NEED TO LEARN how to deal with this

  • And much, MUCH more...


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I Hate To Say This But...
"You Really Can't Afford To Wait"

    What I'd like to write here is something about your relationship... about how you really CAN'T put your love-life on hold... how every day that you think, "oh, I'll deal with that later," is a day that you are hurting your relationship, and living with less passion and happiness than you deserve... a day that you are making your woman feel like she isn't worth the effort to get this handled... 

     I'd like THAT to be the reason that I'm saying to you that you "can't afford to wait."

    But the fact is, I have to talk about something difficult with you...

    I struggled with whether or not I should put the effort into building this program at all... because premature ejaculators are not buyers. I know that sounds weird but...

    I get more emails on this subject than any other... Every single day I get men writing to me with, "Alex, please, you must save my relationship, I can't last long enough to satisfy my girl, please help me..."

    And when I write Newsletters on this subject, my tracking program tells me that they get opened and read by more men than any of the other newsletter subjects...

    But guess what?

    I end up selling almost no books from the links in these Newsletters compared with writing Newsletters about any other subject.

    And that is how I came to the conclusion that not being able to TAKE ACTION to fix the things that are wrong in your life is PART OF THE PROBLEM for premature ejaculators. It is as if they don't have the confidence to even TRY to fix things.

    Of course I'm sure that this is not true of everyone reading this, and if it is not true of you, then I hope you know that you are not the guy I am talking to. So please don't be insulted. That is not my intention at all.

   But if you are a man who suffers with not lasting as long as you should during sex...

   If you do not have control over your own body...

   AND you are getting nervous right now just thinking about pulling the trigger and actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW, and not sure if you should make this decision... even though it is completely guaranteed for 2 months... and the first 100 guys that went through the program all had great results...

    Well... then... I think you really ought to examine what I have just written above. And you should start TAKING ACTION in your life right now.

you did'nt change just my sex life you changed my life thank you

      - J.S., NY

The "Sexual Confidence" portion of the "Sexual Mastery" CD's is worth the price all by itself, AND there's Much More info that I consider to be at the "Sex Master" level, yet simple when you know what Really Works.

      - Robert, Texas

Solid information that should be required reading for every engaged couple!

      - J.S., Atlanta, GA

I have benefitted by learning how to make my wife hotter for me and the sex is hotter too!

      - "married guy", Kansas

We have been having better sex ever since and i have been able to last longer. Now all we say to each other when we`re finished is that was awesome and wow. I really have to thank you so much for every thing. I keep reading your newsletters to see if there is any more things i many try to get even better. Once again thanks alot.

      -Bobby, Pennsylvania

Before I started reading I was just OK with sex. I remember in one of your emails you said the best wya to get a girl to fall in love with you was to be great in bed. That's the truth, and I know it first hand! I have learned a great deal of simple techniques from your emails that have helped me out in bed greatly. I appreciate all the help, keep it coming!

      - Nathan, Florida

I've been married for almost 16 years to a very beautiful and incredibly sexxxy woman. PE was never a problem until about 8 months ago. I used to be able to give her 3 orgasms consistently during a session, sometimes up to 5, and then all of a sudden, BAM, I could barely last until she had one orgasm. Needless to say we were both getting extremely frustrated and my confidence plumeted. Your emails reminded me to focus on her which is helping rebuild my sexual confidence, she's responding better, and my confidence is climbing to where it was and needs to be. Soon we are going to start working on getting her to squirt, I've just got to get her to slow down and not be in a rush to cum. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN, WOOHOOO!!! Seriously though, the info you are providing is needed and I appreciate it. If more people were having a ball in the bedroom (or anywhere else) then maybe divorce rates wouldn't be so high. Thanks again man.

      - Willing, Washington


    If you are one of my regular readers, then I hope you know me well enough by now to know that the reason I get so fired up about this stuff is not because I get to help you to last longer in bed...

     It's because I get the deep satisfaction of knowing that by helping guys get more confidence and more fulfillment out of their sex life, that they are also going to be making their woman happier, that they are going to be more satisfied with their relationship.... and that this will make them happier and more productive in their life.

     Not to mention... I truly believe that being happy on the romantic side of things keeps couples... and thereby FAMILIES together.

     For me, it was an amazing piece of self-discovery that when you are fully satisfied with your sex life, that the whole world becomes a more adventurous and interesting place.  There is more self-esteem, more self-trust, and a quieting of all that insecure mind-chatter that every man deals with now and then... 

    One thing that I have seen over and over again is how much energy, vitality, and happiness  you can gain when your sex life is fantastic...

     And the woman in your life will truly get to GLOW with feminine joy... and that is not only because she is getting good sex, but MORE... because women feel happy and secure when the man in their life is feeling confident and strong about himself.

    And the fact that I have seen, time and again, that I can teach other men to have this amazing experience... that is my life's work.

    So, let me just say... let me please take this opportunity to say, "thank you," to you...  Let me tell you how much respect I have for you being one of the few who takes ACTION to impove your life, and to express my gratitude to you  for  listening to me here today... for reading my words... for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your journey.

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Very Sincerely,

Alex Allman 


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If you have any questions about this offer or how to enroll, just send an email to Alex@RevolutionarySex.com and I'll get you an answer as soon as possible.


I can tell anyone that your information on all subjects is gospel by my book.

       - "screamin eagle", Texas

I have been reading all your e-mails for awhile now. I have never before felt more comfortable with myself and my body as I do now. It has actually helped me to be more loving and accepting towards my husband and myself. I can't thank you enough.

      - Lo, CA

What can I say , great !!!

       - Morad, Libya

I've found The Allman Report's to be incredibly useful to maintaining and developing my relationship with my partner, both emotionally and sexually Highly recommended

      - Peter, New Zealand

your writings have really opened my eyes. i've shared them with many of my male friends, and they really took it to heart. im glad someone out there is helping men with issues when no one else would.

      - Tish, California

i finaly got my girl to squirt

       - E.

The e book is packed with awesome information, I read so many things about the subject but nobody emphasis on emotional issue of woman, like you....which is very very important...

      - Champion, India

The tips in the newsletters have been amazing, they address the issues that men think about frankly and a casual manner thet you can relate too. The are a huge help.

      - Daniel, New Zealand

hey alex, this is a great work and devotion. Thanks n may God bless you more as you bring families together. May He also give you more guidance on this new move you have taken congrats

      - James

Essential education for the male

      - Malcolm, London

from reading your newsletters I've come to realize alot of mistakes with my old relationships like always asking 'was it good?' and other things like that. u have rly given me many insights as to opening up my partners mind first and gaining her trust and confidence wheras i thought it was more abouut size and skill.

      - Nikko, PA

I've learned to be more confident in myself

      - Joe, Maryland

my techniqe with my tongue has changed for the better, its mind blowing to see and feel a woman tremble as i do the magic . a tongue isnt just for talking or eating icecream ha ha thankyou.

      - fitan44

I love the informative newsletters... Great advice that actually applies and works!

      - K. Kavinder, South Dakota

The assistance I've had from you has helped me achieve greater results in bed, for both me and my partner. -Josh, South Carolina I've learned from you, how to better understand "women language". That improved my Life and my Health and also through you I am able to be a "better man" for my sweetheart. Thanks and keep on rocking^^.

      - Atmos, Germany

Alexander i love all your work and thanks for everything you made me a better man with your techniques

      - Gavin

Before, my focus was always on the lower half of her body, you know, below the shoulders. Allman has shown me that aiming higher produces much more gratifying results for my partners and me.

      - Harley, Texas

i'v learnt how to be a better lover and how to really connect and understand my girl.

      - Jojo, New York

The breathing exercise have given me even more control over my ejaculation and i don't have a problem with PE. Also I have learnt through life and Alex's writings that by taking a women the way in which it turns you on is extremely attractive and enjoyable for that women....in fact the seem to love the confidence and vulnerability of it because you are sharing your inner sexual predilections...what a turn on.

      - Kay, England

I have tried this and it works like a bomb

      - Sly3000, Cape Town, South Africa

to give my fiancee multiple orgasms she loved it,i have kept all of your information in a folder,so i can read it again and again till I have everything down,and learn everything I can from this experience.

      - JLF, Missouri

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